To my future prince or princess (or both)! 

I think about you constantly although I've not yet met you.  I often think of the person you will be and how you will forever change my life.  I also think of the lives around you that you will have the potential to impact greatly. 

When I was a little girl I was so carefree and had the biggest dreams and ambitions one little child's heart could seem to hold.  I wanted to change the world.  I dreamed of being a princess, ruling my own kingdom, and making decisions all by myself.  I wanted everyone to love me and wish for the life I had.  I wished for the fancy clothes and nice jewelry and to never have to lift a finger because that's what a princess did, right?  

Then, one day I realized something.  Something I hope you come to know about being a prince/princess.  A rich life isn't made up of a fancy outer appearance,  the things you possess, or how many people envy you.  

What makes you true royalty is the person you are...

These are the things I hope for you...


A kind soul can be infectious.  It can impact so many lives without you even knowing it.  Some days you may wake up and the world may not be so kind to you but please remember that is just one day, you are you forever.  Don't let the world change you and don't repay cruelty with cruelty.  Sometimes it will be hard to be kind, especially in certain situations, but in the long run it will be rewarding.  So remember, be kind always.


It is important to always have an open and warm heart.  Love all things, including people and even animals. Be sympathetic to those in need and help when you see a chance.  Never turn your back where you see you can make a difference.  It is okay to feel a broken heart when you see someone/something hurt.  Never let someone convince you not to feel anything.  Feeling sorrow for something that is impacts you is always better than feeling nothing at all.  Have a heart that is caring and loving even when it isn't the easiest path to take.  Smile when you are happy and cry when you are sad.


Things will happen in your life that you do not agree with and unfortunately, some things will be out of your hands that you will have to accept.  Other things you can change.  Never be frightened to stand up for what you believe in your heart to be right, even when it is challenging.


Some days it will feel like everything in your life is falling apart.  It will feel like no matter what you do, it will never be enough, but don't be discouraged, my dear.  Don't let life's circumstances keep your positive outlook on life hindered.  Be strong, smile even when its hard, and know things always get better.


Do you want something? Then work for it.  Don't expect someone to give it to you or for it to fall from the sky into your lap because even if that happens it will never be as meaningful as something that you worked yourself for.  The feeling you'll get when you work hard for something is a feeling you'll have forever and the satisfaction you have when something is given to you is only temporary.  Always remember were you started and work hard to move forward and accomplish your dreams.


A great leader is loyal and with loyalty comes being trust worthy, honest, and dependable.  Be a true friend.  Never let race, language, or culture be a barrier to making new friends.  You never know who will make the best ones.  Always be true to the ones you love and give them your very best.


Don't be afraid to try new things and go new places.  Adventures are the best way to make memories and to discover things in this world that you never knew existed and could fall in love with.  If you love to sing, sing.  If you love to dance, dance.  If you love to make people laugh, make people laugh.  Do what you love and love what you do!


Forgiveness may be the hardest thing you encounter in all of your days but never harden your heart to the point where you can no longer find forgiveness in it.  It takes a truly wonderful and gracious heart to be able to forgive so have that kind of heart and allow yourself to be understanding.  Your life will have so much more happiness in it if you are able to find forgiveness. 


Intelligence is never something to be ashamed of, so learn all you can and share your knowledge in ways that help others.  Learn from others as well, anytime you have an opportunity and do not disregard their knowledge based on age, race, or even wealth.  You can always learn something from someone.


A good prince/princess puts their kingdom and their people above all other things.  Put your own needs aside and never look at yourself to be more important than another.  Humble yourself and understand that you are very special but so is your neighbor.  Please never get into the habit of always putting yourself before everyone around you.  Other's happiness can sometimes lead to your own if you can only learn to be humble.

Being a prince/princess goes so much further than skin deep.  Your qualities will always be your greatest possession, so make sure they are the things made of gold.

Remember too, no matter what title the world gives you, you will always be royalty to me.

I love you.